Turner Skies

The weather has been hugely varied lately, producing amazing sunrises and mornings socked in with fog, with this eerie lighting. Good coffee drinking weather! As the seasons change, allergies and headcolds are abundant–bad coffee drinking qualities! The constant push and pull during this early autumn is a huge change from the pretty constant cool mornings and hot afternoons of the summer months. Still, coffee habits are probably as difficult to change as any, and so those loyal customers that love Bica’s joe persist, and we’re grateful. I hear wildly different opinions of the “seasonality” of coffee, each roaster with their own take. Regardless, the coffees in the house from Verve, DLP, and Ecco have been super tasty, and with wide variety.

Recently, I started making the Japanese iced coffee, espoused by Counter Culture Coffee (http://counterculturecoffee.com/education/brewing-guide/iced-coffee). I’ve loved it best with De La Paz’s Costa Rica “La Violetta” which to me has a wild combo of bittersweet chocolate and citrus. The icing takes off some of the acid, leaving a wonderfully round cold coffee. We serve most of our iced coffee using a cold brew “toddy” method, but if you’re in the mood, we can fire you up one with the aforementioned method, best in a Chemex. Speaking of yummy new methods, Cameron brought in his woodneck filter pot the other morning (yes, Cameron often drinks coffee BEFORE his shift, at home) and I loved it, even though the filter looks kinda like a kid’s dirty sock. Once past that, it makes about the cleanest cup I’ve ever had.

I had the very good fortune to meet a fellow birdlover, Keith Hansen (http://www.keithhansen.com/aboutkeith.html), on a recent trip to Bolinas, a town literally at the end of California. I like birds. Keith lives for birds, and other wildlife. He’s an artist who has dedicated his life to our feathered friends. His studio has a window about 5’x6′ overlooking a small patio with a fountain and a bunch of feeders. But, although his patio os surrounded by fences, in the immediate area is ocean, fresh water, hardwood and softwood forest, flower gardens, a truly mixed environment. Oh, and he’s on the Pacific Flyway. Earlier in the morning he had spotted a chestnut-sided warbler (first year, female….), and had taped her with his video/Leica lens set up. He’s been sighting birds here since the early 90s and has bagged >200, just from his studio (he allows himself to step only one step outside the door, to see the osprey and other birds of prey); I recall that it’s some sort of a record! He keeps track of all of it on a handwritten log on the wall! What an inspiration! Paul Newsam, when you get back, you will have to meet Keith!

Bica’s website should be up soon, thanks again to the help of great customers Ann Bui and Sanja Curgus. We’re just reviewing the final copy now, I appreciate everyone’s patience. We will use it to keep you current with our offerings as they change every week, and to link to our Twitter and BicaBlog feeds. I hope to launch it before the final nail is drilled into the Red Sox’s coffin this season. Gimme strength.

Gimme coffee!


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