The Birds and the Beans

As we blow past Winter and right into Spring here in the Bay Area, I’m reminded of two constants in life:  birds mixing it up and the incredible array of beans available at Bica.  The Robins and Varied Thrushes have started their annual dance in late January, an event that really should happen in the middle of February.  Now all the birds are at it:  Titmice, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Finches…..even Pine Siskins and Band-tailed Pigeons!  It’s a glory to behold, but it comes for a reason:  while the rest of the country, especially my hometown of Boston, are getting hammered by deep freezes and copious amounts of snow, we didn’t see a drop of rain in the entire month of January and our temperatures have been unseasonably high.  This drought is for real, but at least the birds are awesome.

Also in the month of January, Bica saw 25 different bags of beans being sold from our six roaster line up, featuring Verve (Santa Cruz), Ritual (SF), Four Barrel (SF), Heart (Portland), Coava (Portland), and Intelligentsia (Chicago / LA).  On top of that, the new BicaBeanClub members saw an additional 4 bags which were unique to the BeanClub.  We featured 8 coffees just from Heart, focusing on the great coffee producing countries of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Colombia.  We concurrently cupped three fantastic coffees from Intelligentsia, including a jammy joe from the highest coffee farm on earth, in Bolivia.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on a small number of Four Barrel’s Honduras “San Marcos” Peaberry — from their “smalls” program (Four Barrel bagged only 150 bags of this bean) — and pass this along to our BeanClub members.  We’re constantly sampling in the store, usually in the afternoons, so please swing by.  Here’s the current menu.

The new members of the expanding BicaTeam are gelling wonderfully with those that have been around for a while.  Harper is closing in on her 2-year anniversary (May); Ryan and Emily have each ticked over their 1-year; Alice, Claire, and Hanna are all nearing their first half-year; and they’re joined by new BicaTeam members, Paigelynn and Daniel.  Claire had a lovely customer story to pass along to me last week:  a current regular customer shook her hand and told her that he remembered his first cup of coffee from Bica, served by me outside the store early one morning.  Often, Cameron would man the shop and I would take a Zojirushi filled with hot French Press out to the sidewalk on College Ave and sample out or even charge for coffee, as a way to promote the store.  This gent remembered that and told Claire he has been a customer ever since.
Being from Boston, naturally I’m happy that the Pats won SB XLIX, but I have to be honest, I can’t wait for what’s around the corner when another great Vernal rite shows up.  This new-look Red Sox team can only be better than last year’s!
Back to the grind!
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