Five Large

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Bica turns FIVE on Wednesday, August 19. To celebrate, we will again be offering free brew coffee all day and this year, one great tea as well. I hear many accolades, some direct, others indirect, but very recently, while in the casual carpool on the way into SF, two folks broke the silence and started talking about the great café on the corner. I couldn’t resist jumping in and as the conversation continued, what I relished the most was one of the long-term Rockridge residents describing Bica as an important thread in the fabric of our local community.

Bica was one of the very first multi-roaster coffeehouses in the whole country and to this day is the model: keep an ever-evolving menu fresh with the highest quality coffees from every corner of the world, sourced by our incredible roasting partners. While many others are now offering 2-3 roasters, nobody can boast a line up of 6 roasters with a coffee menu that turns over weekly. I would firstly like to thank Ritual Coffee Roasters from San Francisco and Verve Coffee Roasters from Santa Cruz; Eileen Hassi from Ritual and Ryan O’Donovan from Verve took the risk to be on Bica’s original line-up of coffees and they have been wonderful partners ever since. Over the years, Bica has added partners, and today has a stellar rostrum. In addition to Ritual and Verve, Bica would like to thank Four Barrel (SF), Intelligentsia (Chicago / LA), Coava (Portland), and Heart (Portland).

I would like to openly and warmly thank every member of the current BicaTeam: Ryan, Oz, Alice, Claire, Jonah, Jeff, Emily, and Paigelynn, you all have wonderful ways of connecting with our customers, incredible talents on the machines, and over-the-top attention to detail. I would like to single out Cameron White, my GM since Day One. Cam, your passion for customer satisfaction, demanding for highest quality, and development of a highly cohesive team cannot be overstated; words cannot express my deep gratitude.

And lastly, I would like to thank my customers for their consistent and enduring patronage. Bica’s customers come in all forms, making for a truly diverse community in our tiny store on the corner of College and Miles. Satisfying our customers is job Number One; your repeat business is a sign that we’re succeeding. New changes will come in our sixth year as we continue to grow the business with new offerings, with an unwavering attention to detail. I hope you will all be along for the ride!

Thanks to all of Bica’s partners, team, and customers. I hope you will come and enjoy the free coffee on Wednesday as we celebrate five amazing years!

— Jake

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