Canines and Geshas

Poking around the Rockridge shops recently, I’ve received many warm wishes from customers and merchants for the great coffee and experience at our little café.  Bica’s multi-roaster concept and laid-back vibe truly comes to life during this festive time of year.  We’ve had three stellar Geshas from Verve on the BicaBrewBar during the past few weeks and customers have given vociferous thumbs-ups.  The variety of other roasters’ coffees has spanned the globe, including a stand-out Rwanda from Intelligentsia, Ethiopian from Heart, El Salvadoran from Coava, Kenyan from Four Barrel, and a Honduran from Ritual.  The BicaBean club allows regular bean buyers the chance to get “off-menu” coffees that are unique to the club, at a discount.  But it’s really the vibe in the store that is so special.  Despite the great rain we’ve been having, or perhaps because of it, the store has been packed with revelers of all ages.  We at Bica are truly blessed to be an integral part of Rockridge’s College Ave scene.

You may have seen some lovely sketches of dogs in the southwest corner of the store lately.  Amanda is involved with the good folks at PALS (People, Animals, Live, Support) and we’re now featuring a corner in the store for adoptable dogs.  Adopting pets is wonderful and kind and not-as-hard-as-you-think: we’ve both fostered and adopted.  Thanks go to local artist Kate Merriman for sprucing up the place!

A brief shout out to Justine and Morgan who both leave Bica this week…what a bittersweet week it is.  Justine moves on to Four Barrel, look for her at their Valencia store.  Morgan moves back to Austin to pursue her academic dream.  I cannot thank either of them adequately for their professionalism and leadership in developing the unique Bica experience.  It truly has been an absolute joy to work side-by-side with these two wonderful women.  I wish each of them only great success in the future.

Bica is a team effort:  generous customers, loyal partners, and devoted BicaTeam.  I would like to raise my mug and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season, and Bountiful 2015!

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