Bean Curation

Customers have asked, we’re now going to deliver. The BicaBean Club is now available for our most devout customers. With a roster of six of the finest roasters in the world on show, Bica is uniquely positioned to offer a diverse array of beans on an ongoing basis. Similar, but different, to offering six different Ethiopian coffees at one time, the BicaBean Club will offer beans that may be off-menu at that current time. Sign up or pass along as a gift to someone who loves curated beans.

The BicaTeam has been growing lately adding some new baristas and about to lose a couple of biggies. We welcome newcomers Alice, Claire, Chris, and Hanna to the squad; but concurrently we bid farewell to Justine and Morgan who will both leave Bica in December. Justine truly is a Bica original and will be sadly missed. Justine, you have meant so much to Bica, we wish you the very best in your future endeavors. Your presence lost will create a tremendous void. Morgan, your great nature always brightened every shift, we wish you the very best in your return to Austin. I think it was Bill Clinton who convinced us all that change is good, or at least he tried. The thing that doesn’t change is Bica’s soul: true to the beans, true to great customer environment, true to the local community. I’m very grateful, this time of year especially so, for the great contributions of my teammates: they truly strive to create the best environment and to coax the most wonderful flavors out of such select beans.

I would also like to say what a pleasure it is to work with such great roasters. Not just one, but six! They each put so much time and thought into the beans that they select and then roast to perfection that it is with pride that Bica is able to finish the product for her customers. We truly represent Verve, Ritual, Four Barrel, Heart, Coava, and Intelligentsia, side-by-side, unlike at any other coffeehouse. The BicaTeam comes to work or oftentimes just to hang out, giddy with the knowledge that they will be drinking and preparing the finest coffees in the world.

Lastly, I would like to thank Bica’s devoted customers. Without you, we wouldn’t have such a great excuse to geek out on such great coffee! I wish everyone the very best during the holiday season. When you’re out shopping, you know where the good stuff is!

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