At Bica Coffeehouse, we are all about great coffee and supporting the Arts!

Currently Bica is featuring artwork by local artist

Suzy Logan

Suzy Logan Art

Where Am I?

A note from the curator:

I met Suzy Logan over a year ago when she purchased a piece of art from the cafe. We got to talking and I soon realized she was an artist herself and her father was a painter–a fine one at that–who did beautiful pastoral landscapes of his home in Glacier National Park. After discussing her background and the glory of Montana, I encouraged Logan to show off her own skill and prepare a body of work to hang in the cafe in one year’s time. That time has finally come and her pieces look fantastic. This may be Logan’s first art show, but I have a feeling it’s not that last. She has learned a lot about framing, matting, prints, pricing, what works, what doesn’t and, most importantly, about herself. From merely a Bica frequenter (she lives down the street from the cafe and gets coffee there on a daily basis) to an exhibiting artist at her favorite coffeeshop, this has been quite the transformation. I tend to revel in the delight of convincing artists that they truly are artists and to not be ashamed of their work, hiding it under their beds or keeping it tucked into their desks, when there is a world of admiring eyes just waiting to see the bizarre, abstract, sophisticated, even glorified, doodles that start as an idea and over time became a work of art.

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